Mom tells her teen son to shoot and kill man working at hot dog cart

A mother and her teenage son are now facing legal charges in connection to a shooting that took place at a hot dog stand last Sunday. It is alleged that the mother instructed her son to fire shots at a man, resulting in the man’s death.

Carlisha Hood, who legally possesses firearms permits, and her 14-year-old son, who has not been named due to his age, are both facing serious charges of murder. Hood is also facing an additional charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Police reports suggest that both Hood and her son were arrested on West 111th Street after they were identified as the suspects in the shooting of a 32-year-old man. The incident occurred at Maxwell Street Express, a hot dog stand located on South Halsted Street.

According to the records from court, Hood went inside the hot dog stand to get food, leaving her son waiting in the car. During her time inside, an argument broke out between Hood and the 32-year-old man. It is alleged that Hood texted her son during the argument, prompting him to enter the eatery.

The disagreement turned physical when the man struck Hood multiple times. At that point, Hood’s son showed a firearm and shot the man, who was hit in the back.

After the man tried to escape from the hot dog stand, Hood’s son followed him outside and fired more shots.

The man was fatally wounded, having been shot twice in the back. The focus then turned to the previously amused witness, with Hood allegedly telling her son to shoot at them.

Court papers claim that Hood tried to take the gun from her son, but he resisted and they both left the scene in their car. They later surrendered themselves to the police and were taken into custody.

Both Hood and her son, who were previously without any criminal records, now face serious charges in connection with this tragic incident.