Motorcycle crash on highway kills four, injures seven

An unfortunate event unfolded on Missouri Route 39 near the southwestern town of Aurora, Missouri this past Saturday.

Four people tragically lost their lives, while seven others were seriously injured. This loss of life happeend when a car veered across the road’s center line, slamming into a group of five motorcycles.

The car involved in the incident, a Toyota Corolla, was reported to have crossed the center line of the two-lane highway, causing it to collide head-on with the approaching motorcycles. The force of the impact caused the riders and their passengers to be thrown off their bikes, one of which subsequently burst into flames.

The victims who died were all residents of Aurora. They have been identified as James Olmsted (59), Kameron Hale (28), and Linda Anderson (61). In addition, a 17-year-old girl was among those killed, though her name has not been made public. Olmsted and Hale were reported to be the drivers of the motorcycles, while Anderson and the teenage girl were passengers.

The driver of the Toyota, a 51-year-old woman, was arrested because she was suspected of driving under the influence. As of Sunday, no formal charges have been laid against her.