Mountain Lion Found By Janitor In California Classroom

California mountain lion in classroom at Pescadero High School – KCRA Sacramento

A curious mountain lion entered a Northern California high school classroom early in the morning, prior to everyone’s typical arrival. The animal was estimated to be approximately 40 pounds and appeared to be “lost and scared”.

A janitor corralled a curious mountain lion in an empty classroom after it entered a Northern California high school Wednesday morning, authorities said.

A juvenile mountain lion was spotted by the custodian opening Pescadero High for the school day. The custodian shut the door behind the mountain lion to keep it confined and then contacted authorities for help.

The cougar was isolated in a classroom and did not pose a threat to students or staff.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was notified to remove the mountain lion from the school. It is a young puma and in poor health.

Two days before the school year was to end, this cub was found in the hallway. Authorities don’t know whether the cat can survive in the wild.

The animal, believed to be a male, around 4 to 6 months old, was transported to the Oakland Zoo for a health assessment.

End-of-the-year events such as finals and graduation have been postponed because of the incident. Luckily, no staff members or students were harmed by the sudden appearance of the mountain lion.

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