Ohio murder suspect killed in hostage standoff at gas station

CEREDO, WV- A man suspected of killing his stepfather in Ohio met a fatal end on Saturday evening during a hostage situation at a West Virginia gas station, according to law enforcement officials and local news outlets. The suspect, 54-year-old David Maynard, was located at a Speedway gas station in the town of Ceredo, West Virginia, a community that sits along the Ohio River, as per the West Virginia State Police.

A sergeant, who happened to stop at the gas station, identified Maynard behind the counter. Authorities report that Maynard was holding three individuals hostage at the time. Upon being recognized, Maynard allegedly aimed his firearm at the sergeant.

In response, a State Police Special Response Team, along with local law enforcement and a negotiator, were dispatched to the scene. The negotiator was able to secure the release of two hostages before Maynard demanded a blanket be placed at the door for the third hostage’s release.

The situation escalated when Maynard reportedly “exited the door and engaged” with law enforcement, prompting officers to open fire. Maynard, a resident of Ironton, Ohio, was critically injured and later passed away from his injuries at a nearby hospital. The third hostage was safely rescued, and no officers were harmed during the incident.

Authorities did not immediately provide additional details. However, it was reported that Maynard had triggered a multistate manhunt on Friday. This occurred after police in Ironton responded to a report of gunfire and discovered a 29-year-old woman bound with cords and Maynard’s 78-year-old stepfather deceased.

During his flight from law enforcement, Maynard is believed to have kidnapped two women at different locations in Kentucky, stealing their cars. One of the women managed to escape and alerted authorities by calling 911 after reaching a safe location.