Teen shoots his parents because he was upset about his childhood

CHANDLER, AZ – Disturbing revelations surfaced pertaining to a 19-year-old Arizona man, Jeremiah Estel Blair, accused of shooting his parents in a Chandler neighborhood this week. Keep in mind Blair is facing two counts of attempted murder connected to the incident which transpired early Monday morning.

Authorities were alerted to the crime scene by the mother around 5:30 a.m., reporting that their adult son had inflicted gunshot wounds on both her and her husband. The responding officers found Blair awaiting them in his driveway, where he peacefully surrendered, according to the court documentation.

Upon his arrest, Blair reportedly revealed the motive behind his actions, confessing his discontentment with his childhood experiences and feeling fundamentally wronged. He admitted to planning this murderous act for multiple years, also acknowledging that he had kept a firearm hidden in his closet for this very purpose.

Law enforcement disclosed Blair’s calculated approach to committing the act, where he considered multiple methods but concluded that a handgun would be most effective. His initial plan was to execute his parents on Mother’s Day, but he ultimately decided to postpone it by a day.

Blair went on to share how he situated the handgun and a video camera in the vicinity around 1 a.m. intending to document the incident. He first shot his father downstairs, then proceeded to shoot his mother upstairs upon her emergence from the bedroom.

Both parents were admitted to a hospital post-incident but averted the requirement for surgical intervention. Notably, court documents indicate Blair’s expressed disappointment at not succeeding in killing one of his parents while he awaited law enforcement’s arrival.

Currently, Blair is being held at the Maricopa County jail with a secure bond of $750,000. He had also frankly confessed to the authorities his cognizance about his actions being morally wrong.