Pedestrian killed by teen driver while helping ducklings cross the street

In a tragic turn of events, a California man lost his life to a vehicle collision on a bustling street last Thursday night.

Rocklin police confirmed that the fatal accident transpired around 8:30 p.m. A vehicle reportedly struck a pedestrian who had exited his car. The driver involved in the incident, a 17-year-old female, remained at the site following the collision. Authorities clarified that they do not suspect driving under the influence.

The victim’s identity has not been officially released, but the police confirmed that he was an adult male. Eye-witness accounts suggest a poignant detail: the man had stepped out of his vehicle with the intent of assisting a family of ducks cross the busy road when the vehicle hit him.

In the aftermath, a spontaneous tribute sprung up at the accident site. The memorial, featuring flowers and rubber ducks, signifies a silent commemoration of the man’s selfless act.

As per the current status of the investigation, the teenage driver is not facing any charges. Due to the incident, the road remained closed until early Friday morning as officers meticulously examined the scene.