Police Chief Will NOT Enforce Insane COVID-19 Orders by the Liberal Governor

(ConservativeStar.com) – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has updated the state’s directive on COVID-19 restrictions, reducing the number of people at indoor gatherings to only 10, wearing face masks, and staying 6 feet apart, including in private residences on Thanksgiving Day. One police chief has expressed the thought of many calling the rules “draconian” and issued a memo to his employees on the appropriate response.

Police Chief Andrew Kudrick of Howell Township is of the opinion that individuals at home with their families deserve the same exemption the governor’s mandate gives to legislative and judicial proceedings. To that end, he’s given the officers and dispatchers broad leeway to use their judgment on reports of gatherings that exceed the limit, but do not seem “egregious.”


It’s good to see at least one official is trying to balance the rules with compassion for people who may have been apart from family for so many months. The department will respond if the caller describes something like an Animal House frat party but not to a simple gathering of extended family.

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