‘Record Breaking’ Black Friday for Amazon

(ConservativeStar.com) – Retail giant Amazon says this year’s Black Friday sales were the best ever, despite ongoing supply chain issues. Is this a sign of economic recovery, or part of a longer-term shift caused by the coronavirus pandemic?

On November 28, senior Amazon executive Dave Clark told CBS News the company “had a record-breaking Black Friday” and is optimistic about holiday sales. Clark said the top sellers were clothes, holiday decor and children’s toys. Sales of electronic devices are down compared to last year – something Clark credits to people having already upgraded their home offices early in the pandemic.

Clark addressed fears that inflation, which the Biden administration seems to have lost control of, would slow down holiday spending. He said so far, Amazon hasn’t seen any evidence of that and “we’re very optimistic about what’s to come.”

Additionally, Amazon seems to be maintaining its supply chains despite various bottlenecks in global logistics. Part of that could be the result of the fact the company didn’t lose any staff during the course of the pandemic. CBS’ Margaret Brennan asked Clark if Amazon was planning to initiate a vaccine mandate for its employees – and Clark said no.

Clark praised the vaccines, and said the company is working to make it easier for staff to get vaccinated, but “We’re not planning to move to mandates.” Whatever happens in the rest of the economy, Amazon staff aren’t going to be forced to quit if they choose not to get vaccinated – and hopefully, that means deliveries will keep coming.

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