Retrial of Alleged Serial Killer Begins in Texas

( – Prosecutors in Texas indicted accused serial killer Billy Chemirmir for the murders of at least 18 women between 2016 and 2018. In November 2021, he stood trial for one of the killings from 2018, but the court declared a mistrial when one juror refused to deliberate. Now he faces a jury once again.

On April 25, opening statements began, and the prosecution has another chance to prove Chemirmir murdered 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris four years ago.

The Accusations

Police allege Chemirmir used a ruse to gain entrance into Harris’ home on that fateful day. The suspect allegedly pretended to be a maintenance person or medical personnel and would overpower the women once inside. The killer smothered the victims to death and stole their valuables, the same method of operation (MO) used in all 18 killings. Authorities say they have proof Chemirmir sold the same jewelry and valuables stolen from the deceased women.

During the previous trial, an FBI agent testified cellphone tower records show the accused was near the victims’ homes at the time of their murders. Chemirmir claimed it was coincidental that he was present in all locations.

The prosecutor claimed Chemirmir chose victims he saw as weak, using his position to seek out the elderly. Once he chose a victim, authorities say the killer overpowered them, killed them, and stole their riches.

Mary Bartel, one of the victims, survived the attack and testified about her experience during the accused killer’s trial through deposition — she died in 2020.

The Retrial

Chemirmir insists he’s innocent of all charges and is convinced he will be found not guilty in all 18 murder cases. He told The Dallas Morning News he’s “100% sure” he won’t go to jail. In fact, he said he isn’t “a killer.” The accused claims the medical examiner was under pressure to change death certificates for the women from heart attack to homicide, proving his innocence.

Loren Adair Smith, daughter of one of the victims, stated her family is “sickened” they will have to endure a trial again and listen to all the disturbing evidence. Another daughter of one of the victims, Cheryl Pangburn, said it’s upsetting that the man shows no remorse and promises to continue fighting until he’s behind bars for at least one of the murders.

During the first trial, the families weren’t allowed in the courtroom because of COVID protocols, but this time they will be present if they so choose. If convicted, Chemirmir could be in prison for life.

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