Semi-truck explodes on the road, nine firefighters injured

WILMINGTON, LA – A large explosion occurred in Wilmington after a pressurized cylinder on a semi-truck caught fire, leaving nine firefighters injured, two of them critically, according to officials. The incident occurred near Alameda Street and Henry Ford Avenue shortly before 7 a.m., as reported by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The responders to the fire came from Station 38, some of whom were rushed immediately to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, while others were initially evaluated at the scene. The two critically injured responders have families, with the patient with the worst injuries being transferred to LA General Regional Burn Center.

The driver of the truck, a woman, has cooperated fully with investigators. She had noticed complications with the tank and called 911.

The semi-truck runs on compressed natural gas and has two 100-gallon tanks. One tank, containing over 3,000 pounds of pressure, exploded while the other was released as a safety measure. A 500-foot perimeter was established around the explosion site. Air quality tests were conducted after the incident, and normal conditions were reported.

This incident underscores the unpredictable dangers of the firefighting profession, especially in a time when various power sources are in use. From compressed natural gas to hydrogen, electric, gasoline, and diesel, any fire related to these different types of vehicles can make for a complex and risky situation.