Severed Foot Found In Yellowstone Pool May Be Critical Evidence For July Death

Foot found in Yellowstone hot spring linked to July death –

A shoe was found in one of Yellowstone National Park’s southern hot springs with part of a foot inside. Investigators are trying to figure out who that foot belongs to. They do not suspect that foul play is involved int he case.

A man from Maryland reported seeing a shoe floating in the Abyss Pool of the park on Aug. 11 and sent a photo to the park service. The man that encountered the shoe was identified as a park employee.

When he found the shoe, the sole was facing upwards. Yellowstone National Park said on Friday that it was investigating a death related to this piece of human remains that was floating in a hot spring.

So far, the investigation is pointing to an accident that occurred with an individual at Abyss Pool on July 31st. This incident could be point to the owner of the foot that was found.

Yellowstone’s Abyss Pool is 53 feet deep and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The water in the pool cools as it reaches the surface, sinks and is replaced by hotter water from below.

The most recent death happened in June 2016 when a man slipped on gravel and fell into a boiling, acidic spring. No significant human remains were recovered.

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