Shooting breaks out at middle school trunk-or-treat event

KIRKWOOD, MO – Matthew McCulloch is facing 11 felony charges following an incident at a trunk-or-treat event in Kirkwood. According to court documents, the charges include armed criminal action, child endangerment, making a terrorist threat, and unlawful use of a weapon.

The probable cause statement alleges that Matthew McCulloch threatened multiple people with statements like “you are all going to die” at the trunk-or-treat event. The incident occurred in the parking lot while hundreds of children and adults were present. After threatening a witness and their wife, he was reportedly tackled to the ground, and he then displayed a handgun and badge, firing shots into the air while shouting threats. Several individuals at the event managed to subdue Matthew McCulloch and disarm him.

McCulloch is a St. Louis County police officer and the son of former St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch. He has since been placed on unpaid administrative leave from the St. Louis County Police Department, according to Chief Kenneth Gregory.

The incident occurred during Tillman Elementary School’s trunk-or-treat event, held in the Kirkwood North Middle School parking lot at approximately 5 p.m. Kirkwood Police reported that the suspect was swiftly apprehended by other attendees.

Matthew McCulloch had been working as a police officer in the county since December 2017, according to the department spokesperson. St. Louis County Police Chief Kenneth Gregory expressed disappointment at the actions of one of their officers and emphasized the importance of maintaining safety. An internal investigation conducted by the Bureau of Professional Standards is underway.

Matthew McCulloch’s father, Bob McCulloch, previously served as St. Louis County prosecuting attorney, and his uncle, Joe McCulloch, is the St. Charles County prosecuting attorney. The McCulloch family released a statement expressing gratitude that no one was physically injured but acknowledging the emotional trauma caused by the incident, especially to children and their parents. They requested patience while the Kirkwood Police Department conducts a thorough investigation.

The incident left witnesses and attendees in shock, with people seeking shelter and children being reunited with their parents. Classes and activities at Tillman Elementary School were canceled on Monday, as the community grappled with the aftermath of the incident.