Stabbing spree suspect shot dead by police

A man accused of carrying out a series of unprovoked stabbings in Montgomery County was fatally shot by police on Saturday. The suspect, now identified as 19-year-old Franklin Castro Ordonez, attacked multiple individuals before being confronted by law enforcement. The officer involved in the shooting has been identified as Officer Justin Lee.

Authorities have revealed that the stabbings began when the suspect assaulted a woman at the Unique thrift store on Veirs Mill Road. He then fled the scene and targeted two women who were sitting at a yard sale nearby. The three victims were rushed to local hospitals, with one in critical condition. Fortunately, medical staff believe that all three will survive. Another individual, a man, sustained injuries but did not require hospitalization.

The string of stabbings came to an end when the suspect encountered police near a wooded area. Officers were forced to use lethal force, resulting in the suspect’s death. The Maryland Attorney General’s Office has confirmed that the shooting was captured via police bodycam. The footage will be released within two weeks.

Eyewitness Silvestre Benitez recounted his encounter with the suspect, describing how the man charged towards him with a knife in hand. Benitez managed to defend himself with a short stick he found in his car. He expressed his disbelief at the suspect’s fearlessness, noting that the man even charged towards the police officers before being shot.

The community is left grappling with the aftermath of these senseless attacks, as they try to understand the motives behind the suspect’s actions. Authorities are continuing their investigation to uncover any potential connections or underlying factors that may have contributed to the violent spree.