Student stabbed in high school bathroom

COBB COUNTY, GA – A student at Sprayberry High School is in critical condition following a multiple-stabbing incident on campus. Cobb County police confirmed the victim of the violent incident to be 18-year-old Earl Nichols.

The incident took place on Wednesday inside a school bathroom, where a fight broke out and escalated violently. A knife was used to attack Nichols, leaving him with severe injuries.

The police have identified a 17-year-old, Aedan Smith, as the suspect responsible for the stabbing. Smith is now facing criminal charges, including aggravated assault and possession of a weapon within a school safety zone. He was denied bail and is being charged as an adult.

Another student, Napoleon Hernandez, described an increased police presence at the school since the incident. He told reporters, “There’s like four cops walking around the school, just making sure everything is smooth.”

The frightening event had no clear motive as of yet. However, Smith now faces two felony charges as a result of his involvement in the stabbing.

The incident has drastically changed the school’s environment and potentially destroyed the future of a young teenager, as Hernandez pointed out. The student expressed his distress over the incident, saying, “That kid ruined his entire life.”