Teen daughter comes home to find her parents shot dead in murder-suicide

In a shocking incident in Hyrum, Utah, a 16-year-old girl came upon a horrifying scene at her home on Wednesday: her parents had been fatally shot in what authorities believe to be a murder-suicide.

Cache County Sheriff’s Office released a statement revealing that they were summoned to the home in Hyrum, a small town 8 miles south of Logan, where they discovered the lifeless bodies of the married couple. The pair, later identified as Heather and Dustin Preece, 37 and 38 respectively, were found in separate locations within the house.

Heather Preece was found in one of the bedrooms while her husband, Dustin, was located in another part of the residence. Both had sustained fatal gunshot wounds. The timeline of their deaths remains uncertain, as it was their daughter who discovered the tragic scene and immediately contacted the authorities.

Following a preliminary investigation, the medical examiner determined that Dustin Preece was likely the perpetrator, having shot his wife, Heather, before turning the gun on himself. This conclusion, however, is still subject to ongoing verification as the sheriff’s office continues its investigation.

Cache County Sheriff D. Chad Jensen commented on the deeply saddening event, acknowledging the trauma experienced by the teenager who discovered the grim scene.

As the case continues to unravel, advocates specializing in victim support were called to assist the grieving 16-year-old girl.