Thirteen people shot, stabbed, and hit by cars after gathering gets out of control

A night of celebration turned into a scene of chaos as a gathering in Syracuse spiraled out of control, resulting in at least 13 individuals being shot, stabbed, or struck by vehicles, according to the local police.

Four people suffered gunshot wounds, five individuals sustained lacerations, and four were hit by cars. However, all of the victims that were injured are still expected to survive.

The incident unfolded when the Syracuse Police Department responded to fire reports around 12:22 a.m. When they got there, officers saw a large crowd of hundreds of people gathered near the intersection of Davis Street and Massena Street.

Syracuse Police Lt. Matthew Malinowski provided details, stating that officers bravely entered the chaotic scene and discovered multiple victims who had been shot, stabbed, or struck by vehicles attempting to flee after the initial gunfire.

As investigations continue, the police have not disclosed whether any arrests have been made or if any suspects have been identified. Lt. Malinowski assured the public that the investigation is actively underway, as law enforcement officers diligently work to uncover the truth behind the violent episode.

The Syracuse Police Department encourages residents to remain proactive in promoting a peaceful environment, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and vigilance in preventing such incidents from occurring in the future.