Thousands dead after disastrous earthquake in Turkey amidst freezing winter temperatures

Rescue workers are toiling tirelessly through the dark hours with nothing but their own hands to excavate the rubble in search of survivors of the disastrous earthquakes in Turkey that have caused the death of an estimated 4,100 people.

Thousands of buildings in Turkey and Syria were flattened on Monday after a series of tremors, including two measuring 7.8 and 7.5 in magnitude.

On Monday, a series of earthquakes shook Turkey and Syria, two of them having magnitudes of 7.8 and 7.5. As a result, thousands of buildings were decimated.

Concerns are mounting that the number of fatalities will rise dramatically in the near future, with emergency personnel doing all they can to rescue those still stuck beneath the debris. Temperatures are dropping to freezing levels while they wait for aid.

Many people who were still missing nearly a day after the initial earthquake occurred were sleeping in their beds when the tremors started in the early morning of Monday. The shaking was so strong that it caused multiple apartment buildings to crumble and collapse.

Footage originating from the area reveals desperate rescuers employing every tool they have, even their own hands, to attempt to free people. However, some were too late, with heartbreaking visuals depicting the corpses of children and families being recovered from the ruins.

Turkish authorities reported that on Monday night, 2,379 deaths were confirmed, and Syrian rescuers declared that 1,444 had passed away in both government-ruled and opposition-ruled areas.