Three tenants stabbed to death: landlord confesses to the police

QUEENS, NY – A horrifying crime unfolded in Queens on Tuesday when the landlord of a property walked into a police precinct early in the morning, confessing that he “did something bad,” according to police officials.

The 54-year-old suspect, whose identity has not yet been disclosed, approached an officer on duty at the 113th Precinct in Rochdale Village, revealing he was facing issues with his tenants. NYPD Assistant Chief Kevin Williams, in a subsequent news conference, reported that the landlord appeared eerily calm during his confession.

After providing his St. Albans neighborhood address on Millburn Street, the police quickly descended upon the scene. There, they made the gruesome discovery of three victims, dead from stabbing wounds, around 7:15 a.m.

The deceased comprised of a man and a woman, located together in a basement bedroom, and another woman found in an upstairs bedroom, as stated by Williams. The identities and ages of the victims have not yet been announced.

The landlord remains in police custody, undergoing questioning regarding the fatal stabbings. Charges against him are pending while the weapon used in the murders has not been found. The potential reason behind this horrifying act of violence is yet to be ascertained.