Three-year-old accidentally shoots wanted murder suspect

An unfortunate incident involving a toddler in Lafayette, Indiana has led to the unexpected apprehension of a murder suspect wanted in Illinois.

Last Thursday, a three-year-old child managed to access a firearm in a Lafayette apartment. The toddler then discharged it, wounding two individuals in the process. The Lafayette Police Department rushed to a local medical center in response to the shooting, where the two injured parties were receiving treatment for injuries deemed non-life-threatening.

Among those wounded were the young child’s mother, whose identity has been kept confidential. Trayshaun Smith, a friend of the mother, was also injured while visiting at the time of the incident.

Smith, a 23-year-old Lafayette resident, found himself in police custody following the incident. The arresting officers discovered an outstanding murder warrant in his name, originating from Cook County, Illinois. As of now, it remains unclear whether Smith has secured legal representation to address his arrest.

The Lafayette Police Department is currently coordinating with the Markham Police Department in Cook County regarding Smith’s arrest. Lafayette, where Smith resides, is situated approximately 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis.

In a bizarre twist of fate, a distressing shooting involving a toddler led to the apprehension of a murder suspect on the run. Investigations continue, with law enforcement agencies in Indiana and Illinois now working in tandem to ensure justice is served in this complex case.