Trans person faces attempted murder charges for plotting a mass shooting at former school

Nineteen-year-old William Whitworth, a former student of District 20 in Colorado Springs, has been charged with attempted murder by the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office. Whitworth, who identifies as female and goes by the name “Lily,” is accused of planning attacks on three local schools.

The Elbert County Sheriff’s Office was informed of threats made by Whitworth, hinting at a possible school shooting. When initially contacted, the suspect seemed to be under the influence and admitted to planning an attack. Whitworth singled out Timberview Middle School as the primary target and also mentioned churches.

Upon searching the suspect’s home, deputies discovered journals containing lists of firearms and instructions for making them, a list of intended victims, and information about improvised explosive devices.

Investigators also found a manifesto, a dry-erase board with floor plans, and a notebook containing a list of names. Whitworth described the manifesto as having “schizophrenic rants,” but when asked if they were schizophrenic, replied, “I hope not.”

The suspect reportedly knew a significant amount about school shootings, and their manifesto included a page dedicated to mass killers. The dry-erase board featured a floor plan of a school, labeling offices, bathrooms, classrooms, and different levels.

One of the notebooks found in the home listed various mass shooters, serial killers, politicians, and entertainers, with commentary on each. Names mentioned in the affidavit included Eric and Dylan, Adam Lanza, Isreal Keyes, Lauren Southern, Vaush, Donald J. Trump, and others, all accompanied by derogatory remarks.

The charges against Whitworth include criminal attempt to commit murder, interference with staff and students, menacing, and criminal mischief.

The suspect is currently being held in the Elbert County Jail. There will be a preliminary hearing on May 5, 2023, with bond set at $75,000. No firearms or explosives were discovered on the suspect or in the home during the arrest.