Two officers killed during shootout with suspect

SALINA, NY – A horrifying incident involving law enforcement unfolded in Salina, New York, on Sunday night, resulting in the fatalities of a Syracuse police officer and an Onondaga County Sheriff’s deputy. Both the officers were gunned down during a confrontation with a suspect, who was also killed during the encounter, confirmed Onondaga County Sheriff Tobias Shelley.

The identities of the slain deputies, as well as the suspect, have not been disclosed. The unfortunate chain of events began around 7:07 pm when the Syracuse police officers spotted a suspicious vehicle within the proximity of Emerson Avenue and Hamilton Street.

Upon attempting to halt the dubious vehicle, the driver evaded and managed to escape. However, the officers captured the vehicle’s license plate number and subsequently used it to locate the owner’s residence in Salina.

On arriving at the address on Darien Drive with the aid of the Onondaga County Sheriff’s deputies, they discovered the suspected vehicle parked at the location. The Syracuse Police Chief, Joe Cecile, disclosed at a news conference that the officers solicited assistance from the sheriff’s office upon learning that the driver was possibly armed.

The situation escalated rapidly with the officers and the deputies engaged in a gunfire exchange with an armed individual shortly after reaching the site. According to Chief Cecile, as they inspected the suspicious vehicle that seemed to carry firearms, sounds resembling someone handling a firearm echoed from within the residence. This resulted in an exchange of gunfire between the officers and at least one suspect.

The aftermath of the shootout saw one officer, one deputy, and the armed suspect succumbing to their injuries at the Upstate University Hospital. Following the tragic event, the sheriff’s office offered prayers and support to the deceased officers’ families and co-workers.

The sheriff’s office was awaiting a warrant to search the residence. Despite the horrific incident, Sheriff Shelley confirmed that there is no immediate threat to the community, and the area has been secured.