Two victims killed in mysterious shooting

NEW YORK, NY – Two individuals lost their lives in a deliberate shooting incident that erupted in East Harlem. The incident occurred on Lexington Avenue, between 127th and 128th Street. The deadly gunfire broke out shortly before 7:30 p.m. on Sunday night.

One of the victims, Ashley Ballard, 18, was hit in the back by a bullet. However, despite their best efforts, hospital workers at Harlem Hospital were unable to save her life. The second victim was identified as Harry Mendoza, 25, who was shot in the head. Additionally, this victim did not survive either.

At this time, it’s uncertain whether Ballard and Mendoza had any prior relationship. The culprit carried out the shooting with perceivable precision and without any outward confrontation.

Reacting to the incident, local resident David Grant urged the community to find unity and seek solutions beyond violent crime. “We don’t need more shootings we don’t need more crime we need mental health. We need a lot of mental health counselors to help us deal with our frustrations in our community,” Grant said.

Meanwhile, the assailant involved in the shooting fled from the crime scene. The suspect is currently at large and being actively sought after by police officers.