Labor Day shooting leaves 2 women dead

BIRMINGHAM, AL- In a shocking incident, a nightclub shooting in Alabama escalated into a fatal exchange of gunfire at a nearby hospital. This incident resulted in the death of two women and injuries to several others. The incident took place in the early hours of Monday when a Chevrolet Tahoe arrived at the University of Alabama Birmingham hospital, carrying victims of an initial shooting.

As the occupants of the Tahoe sought medical assistance, another vehicle pulled up behind them and opened fire. The ensuing gunfire shattered a hospital room window and struck a nearby police car, according to local sources. All the victims had been shot at a nightclub prior to the hospital incident.

The police are treating the incident as a double homicide. Despite ongoing investigations, no arrests have been made and the suspects are still at large. The University of Alabama Birmingham hospital, where the second shooting occurred, is the only Level 1 Trauma Center in the state.

The initial shooting took place at the Aria Restaurant & Lounge, located just five minutes away from the hospital. The club was hosting a Labor Day Rehab Sunday event at the time of the attack, according to its Instagram page.

An eyewitness likened the sound of the gunshots to ‘iron pipes hitting’, painting a chilling picture of the incident. The two deceased women are the 90th and 91st homicide victims in Birmingham in 2023, a grim statistic that underscores the city’s struggle with violent crime.