Violent shooting during funeral procession leaves four injures

Tensions ran high in Oak Park on Saturday afternoon following a shocking incident of gun violence that interrupted a funeral procession, resulting in four casualties.

The incident unfolded on the bustling Madison Street, a route frequently used for funeral processions. Of the four individuals injured in the attack, two were reported to be in critical condition while the remaining two were expected to survive their injuries.

According to local authorities, the attack seemed targeted towards the procession attendees and no bystanders were impacted. Yet, the brazen act of violence sent shockwaves through the community, leaving residents and local businesses on edge.

The day had started typically for many local business owners along Madison Street, with funeral processions seen as an ordinary occurrence. The somber procession making its way down the road initially raised no alarms. However, the scene quickly turned chaotic as bullets began to fly, discharging dozens of rounds.

Video footage circulating online captured the pandemonium that followed the unexpected burst of gunfire.

Social media sources indicated that the funeral procession was held in memory of Jamal Goings, who was found shot to death in an alley in May.