Woman falls to her death from hotel roof in NYC

A young woman from Colorado met a tragic end during her visit to New York City when she fell from the roof of the Oyo Hotel on 47th Street in Midtown. The incident occurred around 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, and the woman was found dead on the two-story scaffolding below the roof.

Authorities are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding her death, including whether she fell accidentally or was pushed. She was accompanied by a friend, also from Colorado.

Investigators are questioning the friend and looking into allegations that the two women were involved in a physical altercation shortly before the fatal fall. The details of their dispute, if any, have not been disclosed.

The incident has left hotel guests and passersby in the bustling Midtown area both confused and shocked. Tyler Cerajewski, a hotel guest, recounted his experience of returning from a comedy show to find the scene cordoned off by police. He and other guests were initially directed to an adjacent hotel before being allowed back into the Oyo Hotel one at a time.

Throughout the early hours of Wednesday morning, authorities interviewed hotel guests and staff, seeking to gather as much information as possible about the events leading up to the woman’s death. They are also reviewing surveillance footage from the hotel, which may shed light on the circumstances of the tragic incident.