Woman murdered during fight with boyfriend about chopping onions

GRABILL, IN – Charles Michael Calvert, a 60-year-old resident of Grabill, Indiana was arrested in relation to the fatal stabbing of his girlfriend, as stated in official court records. Authorities report that Calvert dialed 911 late Saturday evening, cryptically expressing that Marcia Linsky was “no longer with us.”

Calvert admitted over the phone to the emergency operator that they had been embroiled in an intense argument that escalated to fatal violence. Calvert went on to claim self-defense, insisting Linsky was the initial aggressor, provoking him after criticizing his technique of chopping onions. He reportedly told 911 that he envisioned spending his night behind bars.

The police found Linsky lifeless on the scene, lying face down on a blood-soaked floor marked by a severe laceration on her head and neck. Defensive injuries were also noted including a seriously damaged right thumb, the court papers illuminate.

Shortly after his arrest, Calvert shared with officers that the conflict erupted over culinary criticism. As per his account, Linsky was not happy with his onion-chopping skills. The disagreement further worsened when the victim lunged at him with a knife after pushing a crockpot his way. Calvert admitted this was when he assumed a defensive posture, according to the affidavit.

The crime scene painted a chilling picture with a shattered crockpot, stained kitchen knives, and food items strewn around. However, missing from the scene was the mentioned chopped onion. The investigating officers began to suspect acting, noting the scene’s staged appearance.

The affidavit flagged a sense of calm in Calvert that seemed unnatural to the situation, suggesting he may have bathed prior to dialing 911 and his relaxed demeanor during the call. It was evident that Calvert hadn’t made any attempts to provide aid to Linsky, as pointed out in the court document.

Upon his arrest, the 60-year-old man was charged with murder and detained without being granted any possibility of bail.