Woman murdered while moving out of apartment

CLAYTON, NJ – A murder-suicide event has left a man and woman deceased in Gloucester County, according to law enforcement officials. The grim scene unfolded at the Academy Arms Apartment Complex situated on the 300 block of North Broad Street in Clayton, New Jersey.

Local police became involved after they were called to the scene shortly after 7 p.m. on Tuesday following a report of gunshot incidents in the area. When police arrived, they found 43-year-old Nina Sinclair-Green and 45-year-old Anthony Williams. The couple was discovered lifeless in the apartment they had shared.

Investigators report that Williams is likely to have murdered Sinclair-Green while she was in the process of moving her belongings from the apartment. Following the fatal shooting, it is believed he then opened the front apartment door and released several rounds from his semi-automatic handgun.

These shots hit a car parked close by the apartment complex where Sinclair-Green’s family had gathered to assist with her relocating process. Fortunately, none of the occupants in the vehicle are reported to have sustained injuries.

Following the incident with the vehicle, it is believed that Williams ended his own life within the apartment. Police are urging anyone with additional details about the incident to contact them.