Woman stabs guest for saying her house wasn’t clean

LINCOLN, NE – A domestic dispute in Lincoln, Nebraska, took a violent turn on February 11 when a woman stabbed and choked her guests following a remark about the cleanliness of her house. Upon responding to a stabbing report, local police discovered that 24-year-old Tatiana Iniquez was the alleged attacker.

The feud started when one of her visitors made a disapproving comment about the cleanliness of Iniquez’s residence. The remark angered Iniquez, leading her to physically assault her guest in the presence of her children. When a second woman tried to intervene, she was reportedly punched in the back of the head.

The chaotic incident escalated when Iniquez went back to the first victim and stabbed her in the face, causing a one-and-a-half-inch slash below her right eye. Upon arriving at the scene, authorities found a “very large knife”, believed to have been used in the assault.

Dirty living conditions were also observed in the home, including dog feces scattered around, dead mice in the basement, and fecal stains on different items in the house.

Iniguez was arrested and is facing charges of second-degree assault. She also has been charged with possessing a deadly weapon while committing a felony. Her bond is set at $25,000 and the next court hearing is currently scheduled for March 14.