YouTube Allegedly Showing Disturbing Bias Towards Joe Biden

( – Big Tech’s censorship of the Right became obvious after the 2020 presidential election. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of those efforts slowing down. The newest ploy comes from YouTube’s further attempt to build up the Left at the expense of the Right.

According to a data collection project by, the video-sharing site removed about 2.5 million of 3.5 million dislikes from videos published on the White House’s official channel since January 26.

YouTube claims its actions are part of a two-year-old policy to remove spam likes and dislikes, but the measure seems incredibly one-sided at the moment. In fact, it looks exactly like every other Big Tech move used to silence Conservative voices. The social media platform also can’t, or won’t, explain how it decides a reaction is spam.

For better or worse, social media platforms have an immense amount of power in our world. With a click of a button or a newly-coded hidden algorithm, they can effectively control the narrative on virtually any major political issue within the public eye. If YouTube and other social media companies continue to limit Conservative voices, how long will it be until they silence your voice, too?

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