YouTube star found buried in his neighbor’s backyard

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL – The unsettling discovery of a missing Brazilian YouTuber’s body buried in his neighbors’ backyard has led to the arrest of the pair. Whose conjecture suggests he died during a narcotic-infused sexual encounter around Christmas.

Carlos Henrique Medeiros, 26, was reported missing after failing to return home from a Christmas dinner with friends. The anxious family of the YouTube sensation famed for his skits and pranks, whose following boasted more than 1.75 million subscribers, searched hospitals and wooded areas following his unexplained disappearance.

The search for Medeiros culminated tragically on Saturday when his clothing was spotted in fresh soil at his neighbor’s property. Police were promptly informed and arrived to confirm the grim suspicion: Medeiros was indeed buried in his neighbor’s backyard.

The implicated pair, Renan José, 28, and the expectant Caroline Mello, 24, voluntarily surrendered to the authorities in Itapecerica da Serra, not far off from Sao Paulo. They cited that they had only buried the 26-year-old because they were unsure what to do with his remains following his unanticipated death.

According to the couple’s narrative, the high-profile influencer consumed an overdose of cocaine while engaging in sexual activities with Mello’s sister and subsequently fainted, leading to his death. Authorities are awaiting an autopsy to verify the couple’s claims, as the initial investigation found no signs of stabbing, strangulation, or gunshot wounds.

“If the report indicates that his death was accidental, the couple will be charged with concealing a corpse,” Police Chief Luís Roberto Faria Hellmeister highlighted. Depending on whether Medeiros’ death was a result of cold-blooded murder, the couple would be held accountable for homicide.

Despite the couple’s reasoning, Medeiros’ sister, Cristiane Aparecida Medeiros, is skeptical. In discussion with JAM Press, she raised questions on why they had not sought medical help if her brother indeed fell sick as they claimed.