China Teams Up With Iran in Disturbing Alliance

( – Iran has considered the US as “the Great Satan,” a phrase first uttered by Ayatollah Khomeini, since the late 1970s. Relations with China are strained as well, with a recent Gallup poll indicating 45% of Americans view the Communist regime as its greatest enemy. Iran and China are now becoming aligned. Recently, the Chinese promised to “defend the legitimate interests of the Sino-Iranian relations,” according to Gao Feng, spokesman for the country’s commerce ministry.

Crude Oil

According to the State Department, Iran is designated as a state sponsor of terrorism and has been since 1984. Sanctions imposed upon them by world governments effectively cut off the largest source of revenue — oil. However, part of the “legitimate interests” mentioned above include provisions for a continuous supply of fuel source from the Middle Eastern nation flowing into heavily-industrialized China.

This will provide a continuous source of funds to Iran to supplement the giant infusion they received from former President Barack Obama with the help of President Joe Biden’s “climate change envoy” John Kerry. When one considers China’s appetite for the “black gold,” the largest importer of crude oil in the world at nearly 11 million barrels per day, that could be quite a hefty amount.

Comprehensive Strategic Partnership

One of the areas where the two countries have agreed to work together centers around the Islamic Republic’s right to continue its nuclear energy program purportedly for the “peaceful use” of the materials. They also have provisions to increase interactions between their two military forces including exchange of equipment and technology.

From Beijing’s point of view, Taiwan is not its own country, rather it’s nothing more than a province that has broken away from its rule, and temporarily, at that. The document for this partnership says that Iran will be a proponent of their “One-China” policy.

The blossoming relationship between the two countries is one that bears close watching by the rest of the free world because both have shown their willingness to use military force when needed. However, with the election of Joe Biden, the question arises as to whether he will just fall back into Barack Obama’s pattern of appeasement of them.

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