FDA Gives Green Light on New COVID Test

(ConservativeStar.com) – The rapid spread of COVID-19’s Delta variant has led to an uptick in testing. But, many people find there are limited options, particularly for at-home diagnostics. The FDA recently took a step to help combat shortages.

On Monday, October 4, the FDA authorized a new coronavirus test by ACON Laboratories. The nasal swab kit is designed to detect the virus’ proteins and produce results in 15 minutes.

The ACON version isn’t the first type of rapid-test approved, but it’s a positive step in ensuring more widespread availability. Over the next several weeks, the company expects to produce over 100 million tests per month, ramping up to over 200 million tests per month by February 2022.

Availability isn’t the only issue, though. The tests tend to retail for $10 to $15, which is still cost-prohibitive for some, especially considering the number of people who have to test regularly to work or attend school. It all adds up.

Currently, Germany offers the test for $1, and the UK offers up to 14 kits free for its citizens. Hopes are that as manufacturing ramps up and the supply increases, the prices in the US will fall, too.

The Biden administration has pledged a billion dollars to increase the availability of affordable at-home tests, as well as, doubling the number of free testing sites across the country.

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