Navy Cross Recipient Reaches Out Through New Foundation

( – A decorated US Marine veteran, discharged after being wounded in action, has launched himself on a new career. He’s now setting up a foundation to help special operations soldiers recover from the stress of combat.

In March 2020, Nick Jones, a staff sergeant in the USMC’s elite MARSOC special operations unit, was caught in a vicious firefight in the mountains of Iraq. While trying to save two injured comrades – who both died of their wounds – his leg was shattered by an enemy bullet. The Marine Corps awarded him the Navy Cross for bravery, but because of his wound, he couldn’t remain in MARSOC. The Corps gave him the choice of medical retirement or a desk job, and he chose retirement. On November 10, 2020, he finished his last day of duty as an active Marine.

Jones doesn’t plan to spend his retirement watching TV, though. In January, he submitted the paperwork to set up a new nonprofit, Talons Reach Foundation, and the application was approved in June. Named after the military radio code for a special operations soldier being injured – “Eagle down” – the foundation’s goal is to help elite soldiers cope with the trauma of their jobs.

Special operations troops are immensely robust people, but even their formidable strength and courage can be worn down by constant danger, combat and stress. Talons Reach Foundation will give them the chance to recover while hiking in the hills of Montana and sharing their experiences with people who understand. Jones might not be an active Marine anymore, but he still feels part of the special operations family, and he’s determined to keep supporting his fellow warriors.

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