Groom sues drunk driver who killed his bride on their wedding day

Aric Hutchinson, whose life took a tragic turn on his wedding night when his bride, Samantha Miller, was killed in an accident involving an alleged drunk driver, is now seeking justice. Hutchinson is pressing charges against Jamie Lee Komoroski, the woman believed to have caused the accident, and the establishments that reportedly served her alcohol prior to the incident.

Hutchinson and Miller’s wedding day quickly spiraled into a night of horrific tragedy. According to Hutchinson’s lawsuit, Komoroski had been consuming alcohol throughout the day. By the time of her arrest, her blood alcohol content was recorded as 0.261, more than triple the legal limit.

Komoroski, aged 25, faces charges of reckless vehicular homicide, as well as three counts of driving under the influence. The lawsuit suggests that her day began at a bar and restaurant near Daniel Island and continued at three other establishments on Folly Island.

Hutchinson’s lawsuit alleges that these establishments were negligent in serving alcohol to an evidently inebriated Komoroski. It further accuses them of enabling her to leave in a significantly intoxicated state and drive, ultimately resulting in the deadly collision.

Reportedly traveling at 65 miles per hour, Komoroski’s vehicle crashed into a golf cart carrying the newlyweds and two others. Miller tragically lost her life, while Hutchinson and the others were left injured. The survivors of the crash, including Benjamin Garrett and Hutchinson’s minor nephew B.G., are listed as plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

As per a GoFundMe page established to support Hutchinson’s recovery, he sustained multiple broken bones, a brain injury, and now faces a long road to recovery.

The suit also targets Taco Boy, a Folly Beach restaurant that had recently employed Komoroski, alleging that the establishment condones alcohol consumption during work-related gatherings. However, a representative from Taco Boy has rebutted these claims, insisting that Komoroski was neither present nor served alcohol on the day of the incident. This has been confirmed by extensive video footage, staff interviews, and sales receipt reviews.

Through this lawsuit, Hutchinson hopes to hold accountable those he believes played a part in the series of events that led to Miller’s suffering and untimely death. He seeks compensation for funeral and burial expenses, actual damages, and punitive damages. A jury trial is requested.

Hutchinson’s legal representative, Danny Dalton, has stated that the lawsuit is a step towards seeking answers for Samantha’s grieving family. He emphasized the responsibility of bars and restaurants to serve alcohol responsibly and deny service to visibly intoxicated individuals.