Virginia Mailbox Break Ins Raise New Fears On Election Integrity

( – Progressives and their media accomplices have been pushing the false narrative that their vote-by-mail scheme is 100% safe and secure. All while studiously ignoring documented problems like abandoned ballots, errors by local election boards, and alleged illegal ballot harvesting in a certain congresswoman’s Minnesota district.

Over the weekend of October 3-4, at least six of the big blue boxes that people put their correspondence, credit card payments, and ballots in were pried open with a crowbar and the contents were stolen.

The race between President Trump and Joe Biden is one of the most critical seen in decades, if not in the entire history of the country. It could well decide whether the recovery from the attack on American values from the prior administration continues, or if the country will fall into the pit of despair. Every vote counts, but if they’re stolen … voter fraud could hamper the 2020 election.

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